Falconry - Seeing and experiencing

In the Falconry Museum everything can be seen from this bygone era. How did people live, what incited them to trapping falcons, how and where did they trap and train their falcons?
Experience the fascination of how they lived at the courts of the European kings, their falcons on their hands, but also at home they were important: the falconers from Valkenswaard. Relive the history and discover the modern falconer.

Do you want to know?
what a “tobhut” is?
what is the origin of the expression “play somebody a dirty trick”?
what noise a gear falcon makes, a hawk or a sparrow-hawk?
with what speed a falcon falls on his prey?
how you can become a falconer?
how falcons are trapped and trained?
what the difference is between the high and the low flight?